Modena, a city of humanity where the fascination of history blends with modern creations and a stop to discover ancient flavors and music in the city theaters. The historic center evokes the greatness of the Esteans, thanks to which Modena became a state capital from the late 5th to 18th century. From the Unification of Italy, the Palace is home to the prestigious Military Academy.Modena, a city of humanity where the fascination of history blends with modern creations and a stop to discover ancient flavors and music in the city theaters. The historic center evokes the greatness of the Esteans, thanks to which Modena became a state capital from the late 5th to 18th century. From the Unification of Italy, the Palace is home to the prestigious Military Academy.
The center of Modena gravitates around Emilia Street, as in the past the Roman city developed on the Consular Road, whose construction in 187 BC anticipated the foundation of the Modena colony (183 BC) a few years ago.
Archaeological Museum, Estonian Lapidary Museum and the Roman Lapidarium, where the monumental ara of Vetilia Egloge emerged from a construction site in 2007, during a construction work, is admired in the Roman city.
It is possible to walk on an ancient Roman road in the Novipark archaeological park, made after excavations in the Novi Sad area during the construction of underground parking.
In the Palazzo dei Musei there is the Estense Gallery, which preserves masterpieces like works by Begarelli, Correggio, Guido Reni, El Greco, Guercino, Tintoretto, as well as musical instruments, jewelery and more. The bust of Francesco I d'Este stands out by Bernini and a portrait of the same Duke of Velasquez.
The Palazzo dei Musei is housed in the Estense Library, which preserves the precious Bible of the Borso d'Este, but also miniature codes, geographic maps, prints, drawings and precious illustrated texts. Also in the Palace of the Museums are the Civic Museums with archaeological finds from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages and artistic works that arrive until the 900, in a nineteenth-century setting re-proposed in the current key; The "Luigi Poletti" Library, which retains the history of art and architecture, and the Historical Town Archive, rich in interesting antique documents.
Apart from the traditional color of the houses that show the gradations of yellow, ancient rose and ocher, stands out the white of the monuments of the ancient heart of the old town: the Duomo and the Ghrirlandina. These masterpieces, together with Piazza Grande, are recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites and bring us back to the Middle Ages. The Duomo, one of the most beautiful and elegant of the Romanesque European, is a stone book where Lanfranco's architecture and Wiligelmo's sculptures communicate to citizens and faithful symbolic messages of faith and hope.
The square closes the complex of civil buildings, which have been over the centuries and are united in a single large building, the Municipal Palace, home to some municipal offices. Inside there are paintings, tapestries that provide symbolic messages that evoke civil and moral virtues.
In Modena there are numerous churches, full of masterpieces, from the oldest of Santa Maria della Pomposa in the homonymous piazzetta of the heart of the Modena movement, to the baroque churches like San Biagio, Sant'Agostino called Pantheon degli Estensi, to S.Vincenzo, where are the Extensive tombs. Of particular interest is the abbey complex of San Pietro, with the abbey rich of works of art such as Begarelli and a Benedictine monastery, which open to the public cloisters and ancient spices with products made according to ancient recipes.
Modena is a fabulous city and the entrepreneurial adventure of characters like the Panini brothers is witnessed by the Figurine Museum, unique for quantity and quality of materials: football players, Hollywood stars, unusual animals and more.
Modena also means contemporary art, with temporary exhibitions of the Civic Gallery, exhibited at the Palazzo Santa Margherita and the Palazzina dei Ducali Gardens. Photographic exhibitions of the Photography Foundation are set up at the Boario Forum.
A few minutes from the train station and the historic center is the MEF, Enzo Ferrari Museum, a modern structure that reproduces a yellow aluminum bonnet that houses, among videos and multimedia effects, the cars that have made the history of Ferrari and its founder , In addition to temporary exhibitions. The museum is linked to the Ferrari Museum of Maranello, a must for motorcycle lovers.



On request you can book a guided tour of the dairy producers of Parmigiano Reggiano, a path that will allow you to see the work of the master cheese makers engaged in the ancient gestures of milk processing, a special way to enter the productive culture of the area and find out how It was born one of the most important products of our terra.E 'can make guided tours throughout the year, Monday through Friday, except holidays. The transformation process starts at 8.00 / 9.00 and takes about 1 hour.
During this time you will assist in all phases of production of Parmigiano Reggiano and the end of the visit, in dairies with store, you can buy the cheese.
The tours are free, if you book at least two months before arrival, and can be conducted both in Italian and in English.
In case of request for visit made at the beginning or during your stay, you can make a guided tour at a dairy farm in the area. The cost varies depending on the type of refreshing taste and following the visit: from a minimum of EUR 5 and a maximum of 15 euro per person.


On request you can book a guided tour, with a ham in the area, which produces ham typical of Modena, DOP. After the visit as a complimentary wine tasting with ham and Grasparossa. The participation fee is 15 euro per person. And 'it guaranteed to have driving Italian and English.


For motoring enthusiasts recommend:

FERRARI CARS - Maranello. (MO)

Even those who are not fond of engines must go: enter the hall of Victories of Ferrari Museum in Maranello is an incredible feeling. We are faced with five Formula One car, like a crown and vertical, and in my ears the roar of engines. There is the possibility to drive on the simulator training or to try to make the "change tires"

Upon reservation you can visit:

- The Ferrari museum in Maranello

- Casa Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena

- Tour of the test track at Fiorano and the Ferrari factory in Maranello. To book with ample time on the official site. 


San Cesario sul P. (MO)

And 'possible to book, with ample time, guided tour (Italian / English) in payment for either the factory (production) that the exhibition (showroom).


Sant'Agata Bolognese

Funo di Argelato 

It all started in 1963, by a quarrel, really happened, between Ferruccio Lamborghini and Enzo Ferrari. Not content to a broadcast of his Ferrari 250GT, Ferruccio pointed this out to Enzo Ferrari, who, clearly annoyed, replied: "What do you want to know the car, which manufactures tractors?". Ferruccio proved that the car could produce, creating the Miura (named after the bull), the Countach to the latest Gallardo and MurciƩlago Aventador. The Lamborghini factory and museum, is located in Sant'Agata Bolognese. Nearby, Funo di Argelato, the museum Ferruccio Lamborghini, with the first tractor Carioca 1947 until Espada, who inspired the machine of "Back to the Future"

And 'possible to visit the factory as much as the museum on prior request with form (


The private collection (but open to the public) of the family of Umberto Panini (known around the world for the figurines), is one of the most complete exhibitions of historical Maserati. You will also find old Alfa Romeo and Lancia. And 'HOMBRE visited at the farm, which produces organic parmesan cheese. 

DUCATI Motorcycles


The huge halls were empty were, in the mid-nineties Ducati was so. But a US fund has believed and has relaunched. Then came the Benetton and now Audi: the Ducati has found the roar of the good times. Located in Borgo Panigale, just outside of Bologna, offers the visit of memorabilia, vintage bikes, trophies and medals and the sale of sweatshirts beautiful. E 'then a museum for all.

For the visit to the Ducati factory and museum reservations are mandatory and the presence of a guide (Italian / English) Ducati